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DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Dust B' Gone™ Waterless Dust Eliminator

DWG DUST B’GONE™                                         Back to top

Everywhere you go, there’s dust! Keeping your home and vehicles dust free has been a constant challenge, until the introduction of DUST B’GONE.™ This completely unique product makes dust disappear!  Just a quick spray eliminates the dust in seconds, often with no wiping.  The exclusive formula PolyGuard-5™ in DUST B’GONE™ attacks the dust particles and breaks them down instantly, emulsifying, and dissipating the dust with no sticky or oily residue.  The PolyGuard-5™ coating left behind effectively repels dust, keeping surfaces dust-free longer.

• Save time and energy
• Get the job done without water, cloths or mess
• Reduce the static attraction of surfaces
• Keep decorative objects dust-free longer

Dust B’Gone™ makes it easy to clean hard to reach areas.  Make dust disappear with Dust B’Gone!™

Item Code 1161   Price $9.95  8 oz


DWG for the Home with Ionic Technology w/trigger sprayer.

DWG for the Home with Ionic Technology w/trigger sprayer.

WITH IONIC TECHNOLOGY                                 
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Our world famous DRIWASH ‘n GUARD® for the Home is now available in a new 16 oz. bottle with a trigger sprayer and the pleasant scent of lemon that is safe for the ozone. This new delivery system will literally blast the dirt away before you touch a cloth to the surface. Your cleaning time has just been cut down another 30%!!

DWG for the Home in the new spray bottle cleans your entire home or office!


Item Code1631   Price $19.95  16 oz  

DWG for the Home with Ionic Technology w/trigger sprayer.

DWG for the Home with Ionic Technology w/trigger sprayer.

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Case of 12


DWG for the Home inthe new spray bottle cleans your entire home or office!


Item Code1630   Price $239.40  


DRI WASH 'n GUARD® Leather & Vinyl Treatment


Bring leather and vinyl back to life with DWG Leather & Vinyl Treatment! DWG Leather & Vinyl Treatment with exclusive formula PolyGuard-5™ cleans, conditions, and protects the widest variety of leather and vinyl goods adding life and beauty to them — without a drop of water! An easy spray, a quick wipe and dirt, grime, and age seem to melt away! Just spray and wipe and the dirt disappears, leaving a conditioned and protected surface that resists dirt!

Additional benefits of DWG Leather/Vinyl Treatment include the following:
• PolyGuard-5™ emulsifies and lifts dirt
• UV inhibitors resist fading, discoloration, and cracking
• Leaves no oily residue
• Effective as a degreaser

DWG Leather/Vinyl Treatment cleans and conditions all your leather and vinyl in one easy step!

Item Code 1051   Price $10.95  16 oz  


Upholstery, Fabric & Carpet Treatment

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DWG Upholstery, Fabric & Carpet Treatment cleans, deodorizes, and removes stains, while protecting upholstery, fabric, and carpet without a drop of water! It’s the perfect companion for DWG for the Car and for the Home! Set-in stains, stubborn odors, and resistant spots are no match for the power of our exclusive PolyGuard-5™ formula. Natural ingredients and innovative cleaning technology combine to make short work of both stains and odors. It’s safe to use on nearly all kinds of upholstery, fabric and carpets and leaves no residue to attract more dirt. It contains no petroleum distillates, is non-corrosive, and is biodegradable.

This great product is effective on:
• Food spills
• Smoke odors
• Pet accidents
• Petroleum products
• Paint splatters
• Dirt and grass stains

DWG Upholstery, Fabric & Carpet Treatment eliminates stains and odors, too!

Item Code 1026   Price $10.95  16 oz  

CARE FORMULA                                              
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BodyPrüf® Total Body Care Formula is nothing short of revolutionary — a single product for cleaning and conditioning your hair and skin. This incredible product replaces bar soap,liquid soap, shower gels, shampoo, conditioners, even shaving creme! By combining our proprietary cold-processed aloe vera with our exclusive Enviro-T, ™ a unique blend of herbs and Green Tea, BodyPrüf® moisturizes, stimulates, smooth's, and soothes as it helps normalize skin and hair to it’s natural healthy state.

• Hydrates the skin; shrinks pores and softens wrinkles
• Conditions and protects sensitive skin
• Leaves hair clean and healthy and with a luxurious shine

Say good-bye to all the clutter of products around your bath.

Item Code 2231   Price $14.95  16 oz


The Pump

THE PUMP (8oz Airosol Application Bottle) Back to top


For use with ULTA-IONand CLASSIC Car product.


Item Code 2031   Price $9.95  


Buffing Towels

Buffing Towels - Micro-fiber Buffing Towel   Back to top

By using a Micro-fiber buffing pad to apply our products and this new buffing towel to remove the product you will immediately notice the phenomenal results.  Available in blue or yellow, please specify.   (Machine washable*)

Item Code HW001   Price $3.00 each  

2 for $5.00 or 5 for $10 

Buffing Towels, Blue HW001B     

Buffing Towels, Yellow HW001Y  


Applicator Pads

Applicator Pads - Micro-fiber Pads (circular)  in Pack of 2                                                                 Back to top

By using this Micro-fiber applicator pad to apply DWG and a new buffing towel to remove the product you will immediately notice exceptional results.  This product combined with the buffing cloth, item code HW001, will provide a mirror finish to paint and chrome with no residue. (Machine washable*)

Item Code HW002   Price $3.00 per pack

*Machine washable, no fabric softeners, air dry if possible or use low heat setting on dryer.

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