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The Pump

THE PUMP (8oz Airosol Application Bottle) Back to top


For use with ULTA-ION and CLASSIC Car product.


Item Code 2031   Price $9.95  


Buffing Towels

Buffing Towels - Micro-fiber Buffing Towel   Back to top

By using a Micro-fiber buffing pad to apply our products and this new buffing towel to remove the product you will immediately notice the phenomenal results.  Available in blue or yellow, please specify.   (Machine washable*)

Item Code HW001   Price $3.00 each  

2 for $5.00 or 5 for $10 

Buffing Towels, Blue HW001B     

Buffing Towels, Yellow HW001Y  


Applicator Pads

Applicator Pads - Micro-fiber Pads (circular)  in Pack of 2                                                                Back to top

By using this Micro-fiber applicator pad to apply DWG and a new buffing towel to remove the product you will immediately notice exceptional results.  This product combined with the buffing cloth, Item Code HW001, will provide a mirror finish to paint and chrome with no residue. (Machine washable*)

Item Code HW002   Price $3.00 per pack


Product Detail Bag

Product Detail Bag                                               Back to top

This Product Detail Bag is excellent for carrying all of your detailing supplies.  It can easily carry all of the product bottles and pumpers that come in the Detailers Pack (Item Code 3441) and has handy outside pockets for additional buffing towels and pads.  Comes with a convenient shoulder strap.  Dimensions:  14"w x 10"h x 8"d. (Product and towels for display only, not included in price of bag)

Item Code HW003   Price $20.00

*Machine washable, no fabric softeners, air dry if possible or use low heat setting on dryer.

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