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Hawgwash, LLC was founded in January 2006 by Steve Hill and Holly Thomas of Gold Canyon, Arizona.  Steve is a retired Marine Master Sergeant and since his retirement has been involved in the Vehicle Detailing Industry with emphasis on motorcycle detailing for over a decade.   He oversees the Operational Division of Hawgwash, LLC.


Holly is directly responsible for all administrative functions of Hawgwash, LLC to include this website and is the CFO for this Corporation.    Before the founding of Hawgwash, LLC, Holly was a controller for a major Local and Long Distance Telecommunications division.  She holds several degrees, including a Masters in Finance.  She has worked in the Corporate world for the last 25 years and is enjoying the new life of freedom and flexibility with Hawgwash, LLC.  


The newest member to join Hawgwash, LLC is the Director of Public Relations, Sashel Von Hawg, a 3-month old Yorkshire Terrier who you will see at various motorcycle shows and events nationwide.   With the addition of "Hawg" to Hawgwash, LLC, you can be assured that he will be active in promoting Hawgwash, LLC and insuring the highest in customer satisfaction both in products and services.   Please be sure to come visit him at one of our many events across the nation.


Hawgwash, LLC is proud to support the Armed Forces of the United States, Run for the Wall, Speedway Children's Charities (NASCAR), and are proud members of HOG (Harley Owners Group) , AMA (American Motorcycle Association),  VROC (Vulcan Riders Owners Club), and NRA (National Rifle Association).


Since Hawgwash, LLC is involved daily with detailing products and operations, Steve and Holly both equally share the task of bringing the highest in quality products and detailing techniques to the industry through innovative Waterless Technology.    We hope you will take a serious look at Waterless Technology for your everyday vehicle appearance needs and we thank you for visiting Hawgwash, LLC.

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